3 Peat Knitted Sock Pattern - PDF - Experienced Beginner

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3Peat is a pattern for a women’s medium but can be made larger or smaller depending the size of the recipient.

I REALLY like sock patterns with interest. If you use a self striping yarn with this pattern it will automatically undulate like ocean waves across the sock. In fact the working title of this pattern was “Ocean Waves”.

This is my original pattern. If you have any questions please contact me.

You will receive an email with the PDF of the pattern.

Keep watching this store! I will be offering my entire cuff down patterns collection in the toe up version! My toe up versions has a NO WRAP HEEL!!! You can pick and choose how you want to customize your sock. The pattern just on the leg, the pattern on the leg and the heel or go all out…the pattern on the leg, heel and the instep as shown. The pattern is for a women’s medium but can be made larger or smaller depending the size of the recipient.

Why is this pattern called “3peat”? When I initially wrote the pattern it was waaaay too big. I re-wrote it a second time and it was “just right”. When I went to look for the paper version to put it on the computer…I couldn’t find it. So...I frogged (ripped out) a perfectly good sock to back-engineer the pattern. And knitted the entire sock again just to check the pattern. That’s the story behind 3peat.

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